Amidst all the anxiety and scary headlines, we wanted to update you on our latest thoughts.   

A summary of what follows:

  • What this means for client portfolios

  • The perfect scenario (and hoping for – fingers crossed!)  

  • Italy - cautious optimism

  • ...

As the media coverage intensifies over coronavirus (CV), we are compelled to share some under-reported observations and some variant thoughts. 

We’ll cover:​

  • On the Bright Side

  • What Actually Worries Us

  • Lies, Damn Lies, and Multiplied Probabilities

  • Pack...


"We mustn't lose touch with those moments of history, which are really quite chaotic and volatile…  The idea that the worst thing that can happen after 2% inflation is 3% inflation, I would argue against that.”

     -Peter Warburton


Peter Warburton visi...

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