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Important Notice Regarding Investment Performance

You are now leaving the Fielder Capital Group LLC (“Fielder”) website and will be entering a website owned and operated by Orion Advisor Services LLC (“Orion”).  Orion is a portfolio accounting and software solution provider for advisers. Fielder is independently owned and operated and is not affiliated with Orion.

The information on Orion's website has been prepared by Orion and not by Fielder. The performance calculations therein are produced by Orion software utilizing data from your custodians (i.e., brokerage firms) as well as from administrators of any privately placed pooled investment vehicles (“private funds”) that you might own. Understand that these calculations depend upon the accuracy of these data inputs. Although Fielder takes every precaution to ensure accuracy, we cannot guarantee complete accuracy, nor can we accept responsibility for errors appearing herein. Please carefully compare the balances and cash flows reflected on Orion's website against those reported in the account statements delivered from your qualified custodians and private funds administrators. If you have not received account statements from these custodians or administrators, please contact us immediately.

This report was prepared in good faith using the most accurate and most recent data available to Orion and Fielder. Please note that the value of any private funds (such as private equity, venture, or hedge funds) reflects balances as of the most recent fund statement obtained by Fielder.  Since such statements are typically not received until over 30 days after each reporting period (usually monthly, sometimes quarterly), the actual values of these private funds may be higher or lower than those reflected in this report. This means that your actual performance may be higher or lower than reflected on Orion's website – at least for the most recent period until the actual period-end balances are received from each private fund. On the rare occasion that Fielder believes that the valuation provided in a private fund’s most recent statement is no longer inaccurate, Fielder will use a valuation estimate that it believes more accurate. 

The market values on Orion's website may vary slightly from the market values on your custodial statements. This is due to differences in accounting procedures, such as the treatment of accrued interest posting, trade date versus settlement date, or other variables.

Fielder categorizes certain equities into categories that we believe better describe the underlying nature of those securities. For example, listed and non-listed real estate investment securities are classified under “Real Estate” rather than “Equity”. As a result, your actual equity exposure may be materially higher than what is labeled as such in this report.

Nothing herein or on Orion's website should be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell any securities. It should not be assumed that any of the securities, transactions, or holdings discussed will prove to be profitable in the future or that investment recommendations or decisions Fielder makes in the future will be profitable or will equal the investment performance of the securities listed on Orion's website. Fielder or its employees may have an economic interest in securities listed therein.

You should NOT rely on information on Orion's website for determining taxable gains/losses in preparation of your tax returns. Please reach out to Fielder directly for help in obtaining such information.

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