Three Fools

Amen of the Week “I don’t subscribe much to any of these fancy investing theories… I believe the folks who’ve done the best with Wal-Mart stock are those who have studied the company, who have understood our strengths and our management approach, and who, like me, have just decided to invest with us for the long run… As long as we’re managing our company well, as long as we take care of our people and our customers, keep our eye on those fundamentals, we are going to be successful. Of course, it takes an observing, discerning person to judge those fundamentals for himself. If I were a stockholder of Wal-Mart, or considering becoming one, I’d go into ten Wal-Mart stores and ask the folks work

Lest We Forget

Amen of the Week “Stock prices will always be far more volatile than cash-equivalent holdings. Over the long term, however, currency-denominated instruments are riskier investments – far riskier investments – than widely-diversified stock portfolios that are bought over time and that are owned in a manner invoking only token fees and commissions. That lesson has not customarily been taught in business schools, where volatility is almost universally used as a proxy for risk. Though this pedagogic assumption makes for easy teaching, it is dead wrong: Volatility is far from synonymous with risk. Popular formulas that equate the two terms lead students, investors and CEOs astray... For the great

The Biggest Myth

Amen of the Week "Of course, my wife hates that I read for more than three hours almost every day, but it gives me a level of comfort and confidence in my business. AtMicroSolutions it gave me a huge advantage. A guy with minimal computer background could compete with far more experienced guys just because he puts in the same time to learn all he could." - Mark Cuban, founder of MicroSolutions (and owner of the Dallas Mavericks) How to Win at the Sport of Business The Biggest Myth Happy 2016! Well, maybe not so happy. Stocks had a lousy 2015, and they’re starting off this year even worse. When things get bumpy like this, it’s important to know what you own and why

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